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After a Louisiana car accident, injury victims often face significant property damage and personal injury. Notwithstanding maintaining insurance, claimants can be hesitant to file a claim with their insurance providers. Much of this reluctance comes from the unfounded fear that their insurance premiums will increase if they file a claim. However, Section 22:1284(A) of the Louisiana Revised Statutes prohibits insurance companies from increasing premiums, charging additional fees, canceling a policy, or refusing to renew a policy because of an accident the claimant did not cause.

However, despite this statute, insurance companies continue to engage in bad faith practices. Bad faith practices occur when an insurance company engages in “arbitrary, capricious, or without probable cause” conduct. This conduct might include unlawfully investigating, delaying, or denying a lawful claim. This most frequently occurs when a motorist is involved in an accident, resulting in serious damages, with an uninsured driver.

Under the law, motorists have the option to purchase uninsured motorist coverage (UIM) in addition to their liability coverage. UIM coverage provides drivers with protection if they are involved in an accident with a motorist who does not have enough insurance or any insurance to cover the victim’s damages. The coverage is also crucial in cases where the motorist is involved in a hit-and-run collision. The coverage is automatic in Louisiana, and drivers must specifically reject the coverage if they do not want it.

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For most Louisiana car accident victims, the thought of bringing a personal injury case after the accident is overwhelming. Accident victims are already dealing with a host of issues, including hospitalization, missed work, follow-up medical appointments, not to mention the physical and emotional stress caused by the accident. However, pursuing a claim against the at-fault driver is perhaps the only way for accident victims to recover financial compensation for their injuries; otherwise, they will be the ones on the hook for these expenses, which can be significant.

By hiring a dedicated Louisiana car accident lawyer, accident victims can make the process easier on themselves. Not only that, but studies have shown that accident victims who are represented by an attorney not only are more likely to recover compensation after an accident, but also tend to recover larger damages awards. For example, a 2004 study conducted by the Institutes Insurance Research Council (IIRC) entitled “Paying for Auto Injuries: A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims,” found that injury victims who retained counsel recovered, on average, 40 percent more than unrepresented plaintiffs.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Your Car Accident Claim?

After an accident, most people know that they will need to file a claim with an insurance company. However, which insurance company should you file a claim with? What should you do if the insurance company denies your claim, or offers you far less than you need to cover all your expenses? This is where the assistance of an attorney can be crucial.

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If you were recently involved in a Louisiana car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. This is normal; the recovery process is unfamiliar to most accident victims, and the thought of taking on a large insurance company can seem overwhelming. At Manard Law, we are here to help. Below is a brief list of things to keep in mind after a car accident. Of course, the list is not comprehensive, and we encourage anyone with additional questions to reach out to us to schedule a free consultation.

Report the Accident

This may seem obvious, but the first thing to do after an accident is to call 9-1-1 or local police to report the accident. Police officers will typically respond to the scene and create a police report. This report will serve as proof that the accident occurred. Additionally, the 9-1-1 dispatcher will also send emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to the scene.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you are not taken directly to the hospital, go to the doctor as soon as possible. This serves two purposes. First, visiting a doctor can determine the extent of your injuries and will ensure that you receive the appropriate medical treatment. Some accident-related injuries, such as head trauma, are not immediately apparent. However, if unaddressed, these injuries can worsen over time, leading to more serious conditions.

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