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Drivers must confront all types of dangers every time they get behind the wheel. Among the most dangerous hazards are large commercial trucks, such as semi-truck, big rigs, and 18-wheelers. These enormous vehicles pose a variety of risks that motorists must be aware of, and guard against. While truck drivers have an obligation to avoid a Louisiana truck accident, motorists should not assume that all truck drivers are safe and responsible drivers.

Large trucks make up only a small portion of the total number of vehicles on the road. However, these vehicles are disproportionately involved in fatal accidents. According to a study conducted by Louisiana State University, there were 108 fatal Louisiana truck accidents in 2019. This represents nearly 16 percent of all fatal traffic accidents. This represents the most truck accidents for the preceding five years. That same year, more than 2,700 people were injured in Louisiana truck accidents. While the number of truck accidents decreased slightly in 2020, this is likely due to the travel limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is probably not an indication that truck accidents are decreasing.

Recovering After a Louisiana Truck Accident

Truck drivers have a duty to safely operate their rig at all times. This duty encompasses not just implementing safe driving behaviors, but also requires truck drivers to perform the necessary maintenance on their trucks. When a truck driver’s negligence results in an accident, anyone injured in the collision can pursue a personal injury claim against the driver of the truck.

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